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Have you ever wanted MORE out of life?…Like you’re RUNNING a rat race with no apparent FINISH line…like no one UNDERSTANDS, APPRECIATES, or even SEES you? Are you unsure of where you’re headed or ashamed of where you’re been? Do you feel like you are meant for something BIGGER, but you’re unsure how to get there or even where to start?


Here are ways I can help.

Our Brightest Blazes of Gladness

Life is continually full of surprises — some little, some big, some sweet, some not so sweet — but one thing is for sure, the best ones will come when you least expect them. THERAPIST **EDUCATOR ** BLOGGER...

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Our Past Should Not Prevent Us

Applying past experiences to the present situation can prevent you from the greatness you want to achieve. There's an Arab proverb that states that "You should write the bad things that happen to you in the sand, so that they can be easily erased from your memory." Do...

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Compliment Strengths – Not Weaknesses

The Power of a Compliment is truly amazing! Kind words can change the world for both the one receiving it and the one giving it.  Create a positive change in yourself and others today simply by giving someone a compliment. Compliments and kindness can be one of the...

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