Hey there! I’m Jace, and this is how

I found my perfect path.

Have you ever wanted MORE out of life?…Like you’re RUNNING a rat race with no apparent FINISH line…like no one UNDERSTANDS, APPRECIATES, or even SEES you? Do you seem to have more month left at the end of your money? Do you feel like you are meant for something BIGGER, but you’re unsure how to get there or even where to start?

This is exactly where I was in 2013. At that time, I had been in education for 12 years—first as a high school English teacher and then as a school librarian. For the most part, I enjoyed my chosen career path. I liked the students who visited the library, and I relished the challenge of marketing the library to entice non-users to give us a try. I liked the freedom I had to visit classrooms and collaborate with teachers, and I loved how both teachers and students visited the empty chair beside my office desk reserved for when they just needed a safe place to unload for a while. But I wasn’t fulfilled. I knew I was meant for something more…for something bigger.

I had always been an achiever and a go-getter, and I just didn’t feel like there was anywhere else left to go in my career. With a master’s degree in education and 4/5ths of one in library science, I was great at my job…but I was uninspired.


Personally, I was struggling. My marriage was isolating and lonely to the point of implosion. My twins were little more than toddlers, and I found myself in a constant shame cycle surrounding my parenting. In a nutshell, my life felt like a never-ending prison sentence. I literally felt dead inside…like a Living Dead Girl. I didn’t even physically recognize myself. I remember looking at my reflection in the mirror and thinking, “Who are you?”

I was in so much pain. I was so desperate…Desperate for help. Desperate for connection. Desperate to feel seen and heard. Desperate to feel like I mattered. Desperate to live.


It all came to a head for me after a district librarians’ meeting when my director called me in for a private meeting with her. I had trouble expressing disagreement with others without sounding like I wanted to rip their heads off, which was apparently frowned upon in the workplace. I left that meeting humiliated! My administrator was nothing but kind and professional and nice…so nice…but that my anger was even a discussion at all was an ultimate embarrassment for me! As I drove home that evening, I admitted that life had become unmanageable. Whatever this was, it was beyond what I could overcome alone…and so began my journey down my perfect path.


I began researching therapists in my area, and I found someone who specialized in treating women with similar experiences as I had. I started attending weekly group sessions there and began to realize that I was not alone! Better yet, there was a way out of my pain! Soon I added twice-weekly individual counseling and a class or two whenever they were offered. After about nine months of this therapeutic regimen, I started feeling like I had something to offer others who were struggling. I knew it was time to begin sharing my story, and I began work in my third graduate program—this time in Counseling Psychology—in the spring of 2014. The next three years were filled with intense self-discovery, education, and even more counseling. With the leadership of my professors and the skills of my fellow students, I began developing an appreciation for the life I had lived and for all the imperfect paths I had traveled thus far. I began crafting my story. I was learning how to use those experiences to hold space for others who were hurting or stuck or unheard or unseen or…or…or…


After graduation, a common question I was asked by others was, “So what do you plan on doing with that degree?” People often assumed I would move into a school counseling position, which would be a natural progression for an educator who received a counseling degree. But honestly I didn’t know, and I was super comfortable telling people that. I knew that my life was changing, and I wanted to be open to the opportunities presented. For the first time ever, I didn’t feel like I needed to know. I knew I had found my perfect path, and I was happy just being there. Along the way, I met me…and I discovered that I was pretty cool. I took joy in the person I was…the person all those imperfect journeys had forged. As vividly as I remember not recognizing my reflection, I remember standing in the mirror looking at me and saying, “You know…if I weren’t you, I would SO want to be your friend!”


Today, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor–Intern with the Beth Lewis Therapy Group in Fort Worth, Texas. I see men, women, and couples on all different journeys, and I am honored that each has chosen me to accompany them along their way. I do life with my husband and best friend, and together, we navigate the furrows of parenthood, which sometimes feels more like herding cats. I am a home business entrepreneur as an Executive Consultant with Rodan + Fields where I help others discover how life-changing skin care really can be. I am an avid reader, an adept learner, and an impassioned educator and team lead, but above all, I’m a master connector. I love connecting with people where they are on their way to where they want to be.


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