Brace Yourself for What’s Coming

I opened my email this morning to find these words of encouragement from my friend, Vitaly. What a way to get the week started!! Today being a start of a fresh new week, let me tell you about something I KNOW is going down. You’re going to face some challenges, setbacks, disappointments and possibly even…

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When the Tail Wags the Dog: How to Optimize Your Schedule for Maximum Profitability

So the title picture is the current state of my desk. I literally have four…FOUR…notebooks/journals/kids’ sketch pads…full of my current TO-DOs. Can you relate? Sometimes I feel paralyzed by my to-dos. I know I’m not alone in that. Just yesterday, I received this text from a friend: There’s never enough time in my day to make any REAL…

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Find the Misery : Make a Rule

About six years ago, I was involved in a women’s Bible study at the church we attended at the time. During one discussion, our group leader shared with us a mantra she uses to bring order to her life. FIND THE MISERY. MAKE A RULE. Find the misery, and make a rule. Find the misery……

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How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

Giraffe Eating Cake

So I went live today to share with you a bit about where my path seems to be leading…and it’s a journey I would never have ever in 1000 years predicted. Y’all…I cannot say this enough. I am not a salesman…woman…person…whatever. On the video, I talk a little about my ONE sales experience as a…

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