People ask me all the time, “Why are you doing this? You’re highly educated, licensed as both a counselor and an educator (in multiple capacities), and a busy wife and twin mom. Don’t you have enough to do?”

Here’s the thing. I believe we are put on earth to love God (in whatever capacity that may be) and to love others. End. Of. Story.

I first joined Rodan + Fields as a preferred customer, who was only interested in longer lashes and sunless tanner, but after a few closer looks in the mirror, I noticed that my once crinkle-free skin began to look like the nearing-40 skin that it was. And no girl wants that!

After using the products for 2-3 months, I began to feel like these products were so amazing that I would be doing my friends and family a disservice by not sharing these skin-changing products with them….and the rest is history!

When I signed on as a consultant, I had no idea how life-changing this company really is. Started by the Doctors Kathy Fields and Katy Rodan, in 2007 they took the products out of the department stores to give their customers–the people who love and use their products–the opportunity to not only share the products but to earn an income with them as well.

Here are just a few of the ways consultants are using Rodan + Fields as the vehicle to not only change their lives, but to change the lives of others:

  • Paying off debt / Getting out of debt forever
  • Retiring from their 9-5 or retiring their spouse from his/her 9-5 to have time freedom!
  • Funding college
  • Building a family / Adopting
  • Funding adoptions for others
  • Creating a business that employs the intellectually-disabled
  • Sponsoring orphanages in third-world countries
  • Building their dream _________________.

Dave Ramsey says that to “live like no one else, you have to live like no one else.” What would you do with an extra $XXX per month…or $X,XXX or $XX,XXX? Could you even allow yourself to dream about what you might possibly do with $XXX,XXX each month???

Don’t just dream about it, friend! Let Rodan + Fields be the vehicle to take you there!

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