If you change your thinking, you can change your life. Our state of mind has such a powerful impact on the way our lives unfold.

Have you ever known anyone that gets sick at the same time of year, every year like clockwork? You may hear that person say, “It’s that time of year again, I get sick every year at about this time.”, and sure enough, they get sick.

It’s the way they think. They’re actually wired to pay more attention to negative experiences than the positive ones. It’s a self-protective characteristic as well as a self prophetic one.

Instead of thinking the negative, think “This year I am not going to get sick“, and the chances are you won’t.

Think About Things Differently

Science backs it up! If you change your self-perception, you can change your life.

By recognizing the ways in which we can change our own thinking about ourselves, we can drastically change the outcomes of our work lives, romantic lives, and social lives.


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